The python-netdiscover is a simple wrapper for the netdiscover reconnaissance tool.

This library offers a simple way to create scans from a python script and analyse the results.


This tool needs to be run as root. It is necessary to be presented on the system the netdiscover tool. The library will look for the netdiscovery binary in the following paths:

  • netdiscover
  • /usr/bin/netdiscover
  • /usr/sbin/netdiscover
  • /usr/local/bin/netdiscover
  • /sw/bin/netdiscover
  • /opt/local/bin/netdiscover

If netdiscovery is not present in any of the paths above, you can specifie path with the argument netdiscover_path on Discover class.

disc = Discover(netdiscover_path="path_of_netdiscover")