netdiscover package


netdiscover.netdiscover module

class netdiscover.netdiscover.Discover(netdiscover_path=None, root_verify=True)[source]

Bases: object

Returns:Commad used to scan the network
static parse_output(out)[source]
Parameters:out – Raw output to parse
Returns:List with the results from the scan. Each result is represented by a dictionary with two keys, ‘ip’ and ‘mac’.
scan(interface=None, ip_range=None, file=None, passive=False, filter_p=None, sleep=None, node=None, count=None, fast=None, sleep_supression=None)[source]
  • interface – Your network device
  • ip_range – Scan a given range instead of auto scan.,/16,/8
  • file – Scan the list of ranges contained into the given file
  • passive – Do not send anything, only sniff
  • macs – File with the list of known MACs and host names
  • filter_p – Customize pcap filter expression (default: “arp”)
  • sleep – Time to sleep between each arp request (miliseconds)
  • node – Last ip octet used for scanning (from 2 to 253)
  • count – Number of times to send each arp reques (for nets with packet loss)
  • fast – Enable fastmode scan, saves a lot of time, recommended for auto
  • sleep_supression – Enable sleep time supression betwen each request (hardcore mode)

List with the result of the scan

Module contents

Top-level package for python-netdiscover.